Automotive EMC Testing – The Compliance Management Group

We offer EMC testing for automotive components and systems as well as a wide range of electrical and electronic products.

Bulk Current Injection (BCI)

  • Use of dual directional power meter and probes for Forward, Reverse and Net power measurements for every test.
  • Fixtures specifically designed per standards to improve repeatability
  • Specific equipment per standard used for testing to ensure proper testing and repeatability
  • Can perform testing to Ford, GM, Chrysler, Fiat, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Audi, ISO or any other BCI standard.
  • GMW3100/3097 para.
  • GMW3097 Feb04 3.4.1
  • ISO 11452-4
  • SAE J1113-4
  • Ford ES-XW-7T-1A278-AC
  • Chrysler DC 106141

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) 

  • +/- 15 kV Contact Discharge, +/- 30 kV Air Discharge.
  • Humidity & Temperature controlled rooms and lab.
  • Waveform verification target with 1 GHz Oscilloscope.
  • Various ESD tips from standard IEC/EN test to tips designed for automotive.
  • ISO 10605
  • SAE J1113-13
  • GMW3100/3097 para.
  • GMW3097 Feb04 3.6
  • Ford ES-XW-7T-1A278-AC
  • Chrysler DC 106141

Radiated Electromagnetic Fields (RF) 

  • Tested in new 3m chamber.
  • Uniform field per IEC/EN specification.
  • Varity of modulations (AM, FM, Pulsed)
  • Field strengths designed for >600 V/m at a distance of 1m CW or pulsed from 1-18GHz
  • Calibrated fields available up to 18 GHz
  • 1kW amplifier from 80 MHz- 1 GHz
  • 250W amplifiers from 1 GHz – 18 GHz
  • 500W amplifier from 10 kHz – 200 MHz
  • 5M EMC Chamber- Capabilities from 26 MHz to 18GHz. Can be used for testing in accordance to: SAE, ISO, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Audi, Fiat, Honda, Mazda, CISPR 25,11,16,22, SAE J1113, SAE J551
  • Typical industry standards include Automotive, GM 5097, 3100, DC 10614REV A, Ford AB/AC, Nissan, Mazda, Fiat, Honda, Audi, Chrysler, SAE, ISO, Mazda
  • Peripheral support utilities are available: Compressed air (125 PSI @ 30 CFM, oiled or purified @ 2 Microns), Water (to 100 PSI), External gas venting (200 CFM), AC Power up to 240 VAC @ 50 Amps (50 or 60 Hz) single or three phase, DC Power up to 65 VDC @ 150 Amps. Full color internal monitoring system, with multiple camera angles provided. Generators, Chillers, Power Loads, Inert Gases, EMC hardened computers, can be made available.
  • EUT (equipment under test) can be either tabletop or floor standing equipment.

Radiated Emissions (RE) 

  • CISPR 25
  • SAE J1113-41
  • GMW3100/3097 para.
  • GMW3097 Feb04 3.3.1
  • Ford ES-XW-7T-1A278-AC
  • Chrysler DC 106141

Radiated Immunity (ALSE)

  • ISO 11452-2
  • SAE J1113-21
  • GMW3100/3097 para.
  • GMW3097 Feb04 3.4.2
  • Ford ES-XW-7T-1A278-AC
  • Chrysler DC 106141

Related Automotive EMC Services

  • SAE J1113-4 Conducted Immunity (BCI)
  • SAE J1113-11 Immunity to Conducted Transients on Power Leads
  • SAE J1113-11 Immunity to Conducted Transients on Power Leads
  • SAE J1113-13 Immunity to Electrostatic Discharge
  • SAE J1113-22 Immunity to Radiated Magnetic Fields from Power Lines
  • SAE J1113-41 Test Limits and Methods of Measurement of Radio Disturbance Characteristics from Vehicle Components and Modules
  • SAE J1113-42 Conducted Transient Emissions
  • SAE J551
  • OEM Specific Requirements as well, including GMW3100 GS, Nissan 28400 NDS, Mazda MES PA 66920
  • ISO 7637 Series (-1, 2, 3) Electrical disturbance by conduction and coupling
  • ISO 11452-4 Bulk Current Injection (BCI)
  • ISO 11452-2 Radiated RF Immunity (ALSE)
  • ISO 10605 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • European Directive 2004/104/EC and ECE 324 REG10

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