The purpose of a product reliability test is to assess a product’s performance and durability under various conditions, ensuring it meets quality standards and fulfills its intended lifespan without premature failures. When it comes to this goal, the Compliance Management Group (CMG) goes beyond the standard. Unlike other product testing labs that merely determine if a product “passes” or “fails,” CMG’s experienced engineers delve deeper and recommend design solutions to ensure your goods are durable, robust, and optimized for real-world conditions.

Durability and Stress Testing

Our engineers evaluate the vulnerability of products when exposed to various vibration loads. By identifying potential breakage or failure weaknesses early, we help save you from costly replacements and reputation damages in the future. Some durability tests we perform include:

Environmental Testing

Next, we measure how a product behaves or performs when exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions, from extreme humidity to extreme temperatures. Understanding how products react ensures they remain reliable, no matter where they end up. Some examples of environmental tests we perform include:

  • Temperature cycling
  • Humidity exposure
  • Salt spray and corrosion tests
  • Ingress protection (i.e. IP code)
  • Altitude and pressure testing
  • Simulated aging tests

Product Testing Examples

We test a wide range of products for major and specialty manufacturers based here in the United States, such as:

  • Sterile medical devices
  • Automotive amplifiers and speakers
  • Electronic components for military application
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Commercial and residential lighting

Clients Include

Avid Corp
Boston Scientific
Northrop Grumman

Why settle for just a pass/fail result when you can have proactive solutions? With CMG’s product reliability testing, you can confidently prevent millions in damages and keep your products at the forefront of quality and dependability. Contact us today to learn more.