New testing protocol designed for e-commerce retailers shipping direct-to-consumer

Marlborough, Mass. ─ August 29, 2023 ─ Compliance Management Group (CMG), a leading package and product testing laboratory for manufacturers nationwide, is pleased to announce its approval as an ISTA 3L Testing Certification provider. ISTA 3L is a research-based, data-driven testing protocol that simulates the hazards experienced when product orders, fulfilled by retailers, are shipped directly to consumers.

“While we’re excited about this new package testing capability, we’d like to reiterate some specific guidance for our valued partners,” said CMG President Michael Morrow.

For Amazon vendors: Continue to use the ISTA Amazon standards. Our commitment to ensuring the integrity of products shipped through the Amazon distribution network remains intact.

For our partners in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries: We recommend retaining the use of ISTA 3A, ISTA 3B, or ASTM D4169 standards.

CMG’s priority has always been, and will remain, to align with the best industry practices and standards, ensuring the utmost quality and reliability for our partners.

About CMG

Since 2002, CMG has performed an extensive range of certified testing services in controlled environments using the most advanced equipment technology. CMG’s highly-trained engineers proactively solve manufacturer product and packaging issues for regulatory and compliance requirements in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and many areas of the Far East.