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Product Safety Testing – The Compliance Management Group

Product Safety Testing LabThe Product Safety Group at CMG can help you streamline your testing needs in a variety of product safety related environments. Both Domestic and International testing requirements will be addressed giving your product access to worldwide locations.

CMG works with both Domestic and International testing agencies providing our clients with the latest certification marks. Preliminary reviews and/or testing will identify weak areas of concern that may be addressed prior to submitting products for final agency investigation. This will save the manufacturer time and additional agency fees.
Our safety group can act as your safety agent with most agencies, handling the day-by-day activities and freeing-up the manufacturer to handle their own company operations.

Our safety laboratory is A2LA Accredited and meets the design guidelines of 3rd party OSHA approved National Recognized Test Laboratories.

Safety Capabilities: Tests can be performed to many of the Harmonized Safety Standards and EU Directories.

Safety Standards:

            I.T.E. Information Technology Standards IEC/EN/CSA/ANSI 60950-1
            Laboratory Test Equipment Standards: IEC/EN/CSA/ANSI 610101-1
            Medical Safety Standards: IEC/EN/CSA/ANSI 60601-1
            Along with a host of particular safety requirements.


Product safety las maDirective 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on General Product Safety
(dated 2012/C 59/04)

The product safety directive sets the requirements a product must meet in order to receive the CE Mark. It covers all electrical and electronic products. In particular household appliances, data-processing equipment, information technology equipment, telecommunications equipment and machinery.

These standards may be applied immediately to demonstrate compliance of conformity with the Safety Directive.




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