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CE Certification Process ---The CE Mark

The ‘Communauté Européenne’, also known as ‘Conformité Européenne’, is a mandatory conformance mark required for certain product groups that will be available for purchase within the European Economic Area (‘EEA’), comprised of the 27 Member States of the European Union (‘EU’), or within the European Free Trade Association (‘EFTA’) countries which include Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. 

The CE Mark is considered the manufacturer’s declaration, on its sole responsibility, that the product is in conformity with EU legislation and may, therefore, be sold throughout the EEA.  An importer will require documented proof from the manufacturer to confirm its authenticity.

How do I procure CE Certification for my product?
To procure a CE Mark a conformity assessment must be performed, a technical file must be established, and a European Commission (‘EC’) Declaration of Conformity (‘DOC) must be signed.

May I affix the CE Mark to a product while the CE Certification is in process?
No.  The CE Mark must not be affixed to a product prior to the completion of the certification process.  A product is ineligible for market placement until such time it has been determined to be in compliance with the provisions of all applicable directives and has successfully completed a procedural conformity assessment.

Does this process have any impact on the Distributors?
Yes.  Both the manufacturer and the importer must provide a distributor, within each country where a product is sold, with sufficient documentation which acknowledges its adherence to procedure.  The distributor is required to have this documentation readily available.

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